TMSB Exiles is the world's first Internet based cricket club. It was founded in 2006 as a way of doing three things: enjoying playing cricket, enjoying real ale and promoting cricket to others - which includes raising money for Chance To Shine.

To date the club has raised and passed £3000 to Chance to shine, for a little wandering club a stunning achievement so all those who have contributed, players, opposing teams, brigades of supporters we thank you very much and look forward to continued support and the chance to pass even more funds to a very worthwhile organisation.

We organise games up and down the country, playing our brand of friendly cricket and raising as much money as we can.

The club's attitude is informal, but determined. Most of the money that is raised comes through donations at matches - either directly donated or through activities such as quizzes, raffles and player sponsorship.

Our players have various levels of ability and we believe in giving enthusiastic players a chance to get stuck in to a real game of cricket, many playing for the first time ever or after many years of inactivity. We welcome all ages, gender and abilities.